Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free Halloween Pattern

        Once again it is time for the Free pattern for this week....
This week is a cuff. I actually enjoy this one alot not only making the pattern but I have beaded this once. A friend of mine wanted a Halloween cute but simple. So I made this up and absolutly love it.
Anyways here is the patterns...Yes you heard me patterns...I made one in a peyote and one in a loom fashion. The peyote I believe use less beads in colors than the loom style. O well its up to you which one you would want to make. :)
Have fun beading!!

If the patterns to appear to good please email me at I will send you a full size of the pattern and you can go from there. I don't want anyone to miss out on the spirit of Halloween...Dont forget to visit Tales From the Nursery to sign up or to get more info about the upcoming Trick or Treat Blog Hop...Its gonna be bundles of fun!!!!
Anyways happy beading!

Thursday, July 14, 2011 Review and Giveaway

It is Very interesting this site. I love that everything is a Dollar. They do have some problems though. Bad notice on when they are out of stock with something. I didnt even know they didnt have the green seed beads I asked for until they shipped me the product if I knew right away I would have picked out something else to replace the item I wanted. The shipping is great if you are buying more than one item. It is flat rate for everything so one price and thats it. Make sure you buy everything you want at once or you are going to pay 5.50 again for one item to be shipped. Basically you will be purchasing a box with a bead in it. Not worth it.
The biggest problem I had was trying to remeber which product was which. I think that they need to write on the package of beads what is what or an item number or something. It was difficult because I bought beads for two diffrent projects and had to try and divid the colors among eachother, some colors are so close alike that it took me awhile to figure out which color went with which project.
All in all, the store is pretty good. Great Great prices, and it arrived earlier than I expected.
The best thing was the mistake of not having something in stock they gave me some free glass beads with my purchase. I actualy love the beads but do not know what I am going to make with them because its not really a color I use often. They are very pretty though.
The strands of beads are much bigger than I thought and they tossed in extras in the box like loose beads that matched.

All in all I will give this store a button review of:

( : )  ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) 6/10

Yes a 6 out of ten buttons. It had some downfalls but I think that will change really fast.

I would recommend this Site/store to other people. The fact that they have tons of Beads and Findings for a great price is awesome, I mean its not easy to find Beads for a Dollar or less!

Here's the Giveaway....

There are three diffrent color seed beads, some teardrops, a red focal drop bead, pair of earring hooks.

I got alittle random stuff from them and the black tear drops would be the extras the threw into the box that matched the strand. Anyways hope you like and have fun beading!

I am starting a Review line!

I am starting a review line with giveaways all the way through. This review line will be all about crafting, scrapbooking, beads, jewelry, crochet, knitting...Etc.
It Will be great fun each store or new product...Each website or new design will be put to the test and a Review will be called, with that a giveaway will be put to order. The only thing I ask is that you follow along and see what new stuff there is to do out there. Why sit around and do nothing when you can make something FAB!!!
First up on the Blog will Be from the Fire Mountain Gems Website. I plan on Writing a Review From the moment I enter the website to the purchase to the time it took to arrive and then to he project part. If it is something I created with it or if it was something I followed insturctions. Who doesnt like knowing before they buy something it worth it.
My rating for the store will be shown buttons. If the store/ Item was worth it it will get a Ten button award if it sucked totally it will get a 1 button score. If the item/store gets a 4 button review or higher I will giveaway a second of the Item/GC for the store. If I didnt give the store a good mark the second prize will sit in wait for the New Year special....
The New Year Special will be entirly filled with a ton of stuff. Everything that did not pass the Button Review and stuff that I threw in that there was extra. It will be a box of Beyond Joy! One winner but the prize could range form $100 to $500 worth of crafting fun!
If you are intrested in wanting to know when my Review begin and Giveaways end then Follow on twitter: No_Fret_Bead Sign up for my RSS, and follow my Blog. Its that easy to know when something knew in fun will be here waiting for your taking.
Last but not least do not be afraid to Request a Review done of a store you know or a product you would like tested and reviewed on, it is important to help those who want something not waste their money rather listening to a fake tv ad. Do not be afraid to have your own store looked upon. The deal though is that it has to be A Crafting, Hobbie type thing. That is all I will do because thats what I love. Do what you are good at right? (Cooking is ok too)

Anyways, Lets have some fun with this and Join me and my mini team (Evan, Emma, Bella, and Rose my kids) as we do some arts and fun with the family.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Beading Pattern

Its time again for the free beading pattern for this week. Remember I said I would post every week a new halloween pattern and this week is a cute one. It doesnt even have to be halloween to want this pattern. I hope you all like. Evan and Emma kept on picking diffrent colors but It still came out real good. It is a simple loom pattern but could be done off the loom. I will be posting the Peyote version later this week so If you like it sign up for my RSS and you will get notified about it right away.
Keep in the spirit and stay tuned I will be posting the designs I have drawn out for the Beaded mask Going to the Halloween Hop.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Shower Gift

So I am working, well I worked, Hard on a recieving blanket and matching burp rag. It was tons of fun. Hint when you are doing ribbon edging it works good if you iron the ribbon in half first and have lots and lots and lots of pins.
I didn't really have tons of money for new stuff so its kinda like a scrap fabric and ribbon set. I think it came out good. Even with a mishap bow that didnt come out right. I hope my husbands boss's granddaughter love it. I went for her theme with animals doing a design with Noahs ark. Dont know about the religious views but I think it is still cute.

I love how dark it is with the crea/white off setting and then a blue to pop out the colors in the fabric. It helps lighten it up with darker tones. I used a off silk for the back so one side really soft the other really silky. I remember when my son was born his favorite blanket was this one with a silky back and a velvet like top with this big ribbon all the way around. That is where I went with it.
I did notice however that next time I will take alittle more time making the edges all line up better.
The burp rag is actually thicker than the blanket for reasons of the filling so that way it can hold up to well duh spit up.
Heres a few pictures tell me what you think. I want to make a little rattle toy later. If I get good at my sewing sooner or later I will start posting them on my website. I still realized that I am really into clothing more than I am into simple sewing. Maybe because I always take my sweet time with clothes because I want the seams and everything perfect. Miss perfection here.....

Anyways I think I will make a girly one next as a giveaway. I have lots of girl fabric. Maybe I will do a poll and see what people vote from the fabric choices....Go by peoples choice make it and put it up for a giveaway. With matching burp rag.....Sounds like fun stay tuned for more info on that.

Rip City Riders

Rip City Riders I am more than happy to support. They help out people in need and Help with our childrens futures. There is alot that these bikers put into the life around them. Last year the Rip City Riders Run and Fun was amazing. My son Evan was so into the Biker parade and the live motocross stunts they put on. Klamath Falls was filled with the insane melody of motorcycles. The event held raffles for charity and fun for family stuff. Almost everything was donation only except for there shop with some awesome stuff I really wanted to buy.
They had pony rides which my daughter happily rode. Face painting and temp tattoos.

Check out some of the people they help previous and right now!


Their Mission:

Rip City Riders California are a group of individuals brought together by a common interest, the love
and freedom of riding motorcycles. We strive to establish a positive image for motorcycle enthusiasts
and are not affiliated with any clubs or organizations. Our mission is to benefit Marin and Sonoma
counties through charitable events and donations and to support other organizations that help the less
fortunate in our communities.

Their Charities:

While working toward fulfilling our mission and bettering the communities that we live in, we have
been given the opportunity to benefit many local organizations. Some of the charities that we have
donated to are:

  • Scholarships for Marin Oaks High School

  • Sonoma Office of Education

  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life

  • Kids off Chemicals

  • The Marin Community Food Bank

  • Sonoma County AIDS Food Bank

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

  • Project Open Hand

  • Troops in Iraq, 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment Red Dragons

  • Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines

  • Blue Star Moms of Marin

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Marin & Southern Sonoma Counties

  • Hospice By The Bay

  • Click here to view the complete list of the charities that have benefited from our organization

    I made a dontation for this wonderful group of riders. It is of their logo, hand beaded. It should be
    going into the raffle. I am more than pleased with it. One of my friends who does ride with them said
    they would be more than happy, be honored to recieve it and use for there charity raffles.
    I will be doing it again and years to come. My gifts into the beading and Jewelry world are more
    than welcome to help someone else.

    If you would like a specially donated hand made piece like above please go here:
    I am more than pleased to help those in need.

    Anyways if you are in the Oregon area this weekend please join in the family fun, come to Rip City
    Riders and help support loal charities in need. Ride with the spirit of this gang and enjoy the beautiful

      Thursday, July 7, 2011

      Halloween Blog Hop- Free gift!

      So I plan on Making a Mask and I am choosing the colors. I am still in a limbo on what I am going to do. I think Pink and silver for a princess type of mask, or I want to do a red and gold for a drangon like mask. I am in love with both maybe I will just do both. I love the idea of making a mask to give to some special person for one of my favorite holidays. If I make two then the special winner can choose one of the two.
      I got the designs all drawn out and ready to go so maybe I will just purchase the colors and do it.
      I think that the dragon one will be the best but who knows, Its not what I like that sells or that someone wants its what the people want that makes my bussiness successful. Thanks to Tales from the Nursery for the fun of letting me put myself out there. I want everyone to enjoy halloween regardless if they win or not.
      So as a bouns every week until Halloween I will be putting a free halloween beadwork pattern on my blog. Please follow me though is my only request on GFC and share on twitter...if you have one. If you want something special for a halloween pattern please fill out this form. This would be my website.
      Todays free pattern is:

      This is a loom or off the loom type of pattern. I Call it a square stitch because I do it one bead at a time. You got here 4 colors
      Its a simple pattern after the first pumpkin you just keep reapeating soon it is stuck in your head. Its great for a choker, bracelet and you can do just the pumpkin and come out with cute earrings.
      Have fun and come back next week for the next free pattern and more info about the blog hop!

      If you want to sign up or get more information about the Halloween Blog Hop then go here.


      Wednesday, July 6, 2011

      Giveaway and Giveaway linkys

      Dont Forget to Enter this months giveaway To win a Mystery Patriotic Necklace. My three year old son picked it out and chose the beads. Its way beautiful and a great gift for some special someone. Not only that sign up on my RSS and be able to always know when the months giveaway is coming.

      To leave your giveaway it must be in this format: What is it?-(mm/dd)-(WW,USA, USA/CAN, CAN, or UK)
      All Links posted must be with valid Email, I check all links and will delete if I believe it to be a scam. Also Auto delete after End date.
      Otherwise have fun.


      Trick or Treat Halloween Blog Hop

      I am proud to say that I have signed up to take part in the Halloween blog hop. I am not afraid to say it is one of the best holidays and I am more than happy to share it with everyone else.
      If you want to sign up or want to help in some way, or just know when this is going down do go to
      Everyone has something they would like to share for the Holidays, is this yours?

      Lets have some fun why dont we?


      Tuesday, July 5, 2011

      Aftershock-Forth of July

      It was a crazy day, from the very moment I woke up to the time I finally fell asleep.
      The kids enjoyed it all though. Emma Evan and Bella all went on a ride through patriotic pride. The morning started out with alittle shopping fun. We went to see the farmers market, some booths. Then went to Thunderbird (Big 'ol shopping mart) and got some junk food for fireworks that night. Wasn't really into buying cotton candy, that stuff is evil to toddlers...LOL
      They picked out some dried fruit, crackers and animal cookies. Gotta love animal cookies!
      Emma all day was adorn in Red, White, and Blue colors. Its funny because I let her pick out her clothes and all of them fit the theme of the day. Shes got it in the bag and shes only 1 1/2. Crazy how they know how things work without even telling them. We came back home and they took a nice nap while I cooked an awesome dinner, well more like lunner. It was great, BBQ bonnless ribs that melted and fell apart, with homemade potato salad; fresh cut water melon too.
      When the kids woke up it was more than hunger that hit them. They got all excited, almost time for fireworks.

      The parade was the next hit, No offense to my little twon I live in but it always sucks every year it is sadder than the last. So short so small. There is nothing exciting about it. My kids only like the fire trucks. What sucks even more is that useally they have the Army Buzz through main st with the jets. Not this year though. My kids where so looking forward to it and they blew it off this year. What a Jip!
      Anyways they did get flags and they where more than happy to sho them off to me as they waved them by to Miss Oregon, Police officers and the small town marching band.
       All in all though they did enjoy it though. Its nice that kids can love something even when you think it was pretty sad.

      After the parade we cam home and did the Snap its. Believe me I walk outside and every footsetp there is alittle pop. Half the snap its didnt get used but they didnt care. Evan and Emma just went at it my porch covered with little white paper. It might be a real mess but you dont need big fireworks to keep a kid entertained. Emma was more cute than not she did these underhand throws that made them go flying everywhere.
      After that we left at 8:00 to go to the fireworks show at Vetrans park. We strolled down to the booths and I was shock to hear me 3 year old tell me he didnt want icecream. I mean it was over 90 degrees and he didnt want icecream! There was alot of people but that didnt bother the kids with there glowsticks at hand. Evan kept telling me that the (glowstick) green bracelet scared away the monsters, how sweet is that?
      We strolled back to our car and sat on it to watch the fireworks. All of them were in ooo's and ahhh's over it. This year was the first that Emma really got to see them. Evan however second year but he was beyond, into another world, into it. While useing there glow wands, they pointed out the pretty colors and noise that was taking them into a dream land. Even Bella (my 7 month baby) went into it.

      After that we came home and got into our own firework show. Evan almost made it all the way through, his sister not at all. Emma passes out on the way home. It was more than fun. My husband and I had to take care of the last of the fireworks on our own after Evan fell asleep. All of the kids were done it was more than a long day for them.
      Other cool things from the forth: Glow masks:

      Ha Ha Ha...Dont laugh. They enjoyed dressing up When it wasnt Halloween!

      The aftershocks of the 4th are still ringing in my ears but the patriotism is stronger. I am proud to be one celebrating this holiday. Love for my country and to the people who are serving it.

      Sunday, July 3, 2011

      Book Review: Through The Veil

      Her Dreams Never offered escape. Until now....

      The book is full of twists and turns that make you keep turning the page. Lee is a strong character stuck in a new world trying to fight to understand what and what she is doing there. The same thing that once haunted her now stand before her.
      Kalen, The man from Lee's dreams, will not give up on Lee. He believes that she has a prupose in his world that is more important than imagined. Yet what is it?

      This sci-fi paranormal Romance is filled to the brim with excitment and laughter. There are tears and disgust to love and joy. Steamy love story flows throughout the entire book. The true question the when reading will Lee chose the land over her love?
      I declare that this book will make you stay up to the wee hours of the morning. Not wanting to set it down, wanting to find out what will happen next. Will the monsters come or will they be defeated? Its a book that makes you crawl with suspense and every emotion is trapped waiting to lash out. For any woman that likes a book with a steamy love base and a stubborn girl fighting for who she is this is a must read.

      Saturday, July 2, 2011

      Clue to Mystery Giveaway

      The chances are Great that you will love it...Evan says so, my son. He picked out the very design I drew and helped color it. Kinda messy coloring but it came out really awesome. He chose the Beads and Everything. Your only clue to what type of Necklace it is is the picture above. To Enter click on the link below. Dont forget to share it with your firends so they can Enter too!
      Good Luck and Have a Great Month.

      Stay tuned for next month Miss Emma, My Daughter, already chose a free necklace...Clue: Theme is Colors of Fire. Really It took me awhile to figure out a clue for next months without totally giving it away. This is most likely not even close to what you are thinking but the colors are. :)

      4th of July Giveaways

      Here are some giveaways on recent blogs that are for the 4th...Or around or about 4th of July. Not all Items are about forth of July but all are focused at that point of time. Have fun and happy Forth!!!

      1. Geeky Bloggers Book Blog: Book Giveaway
      2. A Helicopter Mom: $350 Paypal Cash Giveaway
      3. A Frugal Life: Green Tea Weight Loss Supplement
      4. Two Savvy Sisters: Skull Candy earphones 2 winners
      5. Parent Palace: $50 Paypal Cash
      6. One Busy Momma: $145.00 Diamond Heart shape 24 Kt gold Pendant
      7. Sweep Tight: Bottle Cap Necklace
      8. Ginger Snaps Crafts: Shrinky Dink Monster Lab
      9. The Mom Reviews: Kids Kraft Picnic
      10. Super Savin' Momma: Sea Band Giveaway
      All End On the 4th Of July 2011
      Good Luck and have fun...Beware of little kids with lit sparkerlers....LOL (chuckles^.^)

      Friday, July 1, 2011

      Giveaways Top Ten Midnight List:

      So these top ten do not mean they are the best giveaways out there...They just are the top ten I chose for the late night midnight peeps out there that have nothing to do. Anyways on to the giveaway links...

      1. Makobiscribe has a great blog hop giveaway going on right now.... (7/15)
      2. Moms Review 4 You: Ecomom - Bon Ami Review & Giveaway (7/8)
      3. Giveaways for Moms: Review & Giveaway: Monkey Brains hair care products (7/10)
      4. Ice Fairy Treasure Chest: $300.00 Gift card giveaway (7/5) Must see its for a good cause!!!
      5. Mommy Katie: $25.00 Walmart Giftcard (7/22)
      6. Flip Out Momma: Carseat Giveaway (7/10)
      7. Fun $aving Money: $25.00 itunes  (7/5)
      8. A bunch of blogs pitchin in together are giving away $400.00 via paypal and runner up $100.00
      9. Moms $300.00 Package for mom and kids (7/8)
      10. Luxery Living Frugal Style: $100.00 Visa Gift card (7/11)
      Dont forget to enter my facbook giveaway and the one on my blog. Have fun and good luck and its time to sleep so do it in the morning :P LOL LOL LOL.....Anyways have a good night!


      Its hot
      Its Cold
      Its Wet
      Its Sunny
      Its Crappy Weather
      Its Beautiful Weather.

      Why is it that Weather is one thing that we never stop discussing? Its strange how important it is to us and yet it is. One, you get nutrition (Vitamen D) From the sun. Two, your mood sometimes works with how the weather is playing, then also people all have diffrent reactions to the the seasons and weather. Three, You can blame it on the weather when almost any thing goes wrong.

      It is sometimes iritating when the first thing that comes up in a letter or during a long forgotten phone call is Hey, hows the weather. Yet, to people thats how there life is revolved around, thats what they think about all the time. If its couldy out, it will be a terrible day. If it is sunny out, it will be a good day. What make a day good? Is it the weather or is it the lack of understanding its nature and she doesnt make you happy sad angry....No those are your feelings.

      HAHAHA!!! I love writing about something Random and you cannot tell me this is not Random

      Giveaway: No Fret Beadwork

      So I have Realized It kinda sucks being all alone over here with know one to share the stuff I have so I decided to do a giveaway once a month. This month is for Patriotic Necklace. The only thing about this giveaway is that Every single one is a surprise. There is only the theme of what the giveaway will be based around. So its a mystery to you but I am beyond sure that you will like it anyways. Most of all my kids are the ones who picked out these designs that I giveaway. I draw them out and they pick which one. So it is at a child's heart that chooses the prize.

      Anyways just fill out the form below:(all links to twitter etc... are previous of the form.)


      Email Address:

      Follow me on Twitter @No_Fret_Bead (1+ Entries)



      Whats your twitter name if you followed me?

      Liked me on facebook: No Fret Beadwork and Art (2+ Entries)

      Yes I did

      No I did not

      Whats your facebook name if you liked my page?

      This HTML form was created by Freedback.

      Extra entries are as followed:
      Must comment on blog that you did the following
      Tweet about this= 1+ entry
      Follow GFC : 2+ Entries

      Good luck looking forward to announcing winner
      Also stay tuned for Next months Awesome Jewelry Giveaways

      One rule: No Double entries...Enter one time on all things otherwise I will delete your entries and you will not be eligible on this contest or any others. Thanks and good luck!