Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Shower Gift

So I am working, well I worked, Hard on a recieving blanket and matching burp rag. It was tons of fun. Hint when you are doing ribbon edging it works good if you iron the ribbon in half first and have lots and lots and lots of pins.
I didn't really have tons of money for new stuff so its kinda like a scrap fabric and ribbon set. I think it came out good. Even with a mishap bow that didnt come out right. I hope my husbands boss's granddaughter love it. I went for her theme with animals doing a design with Noahs ark. Dont know about the religious views but I think it is still cute.

I love how dark it is with the crea/white off setting and then a blue to pop out the colors in the fabric. It helps lighten it up with darker tones. I used a off silk for the back so one side really soft the other really silky. I remember when my son was born his favorite blanket was this one with a silky back and a velvet like top with this big ribbon all the way around. That is where I went with it.
I did notice however that next time I will take alittle more time making the edges all line up better.
The burp rag is actually thicker than the blanket for reasons of the filling so that way it can hold up to well duh spit up.
Heres a few pictures tell me what you think. I want to make a little rattle toy later. If I get good at my sewing sooner or later I will start posting them on my website. I still realized that I am really into clothing more than I am into simple sewing. Maybe because I always take my sweet time with clothes because I want the seams and everything perfect. Miss perfection here.....

Anyways I think I will make a girly one next as a giveaway. I have lots of girl fabric. Maybe I will do a poll and see what people vote from the fabric choices....Go by peoples choice make it and put it up for a giveaway. With matching burp rag.....Sounds like fun stay tuned for more info on that.

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