Monday, June 27, 2011

The day has come to...

It is finally time for me to tell you all about this little boy named Evan. He is blonde and cute. A little devil, with that smile growing from one ear to the other. He flashes his eyes and you melt. Its a wonder why he is so spoiled for alittle boy? Not really....
Anyways this little boy is on a journey right now, He is trying already to find a place in the world. How do I know? Well, Everyone has to find his or her place, they have to take the walk of faith to find what they are looking for what they want to be. Its not something amazing its just normal life. The pathes he chooses will lead him through this journey. I am going to document the last few minutes of a long hard journey he just took.
Woke up, ate pancake, put on his own clothes (backwards), wanted his face cleaned, Helped Emma (his little sister) make her bed. This is where it started....
Emma, get off the bed. Awe its broken Emma get off the bed, Its broken...AAAAHHHH.
Mom she wont get off the bed. Mommy, Mommy MOMMY. Its broken.

This is what I heard for four minutes straight. Going from Emma its broken let me fix the bed and Mommy Emma wont let me fix the bed. Will all seriousness I just had to try and keep him calm his sister is only 1 1/2 years old its not like she really understands. Its a game you see and Evan is the one who is loosing bad. Anyways, This what happened next....

EMMA.....!!!!! He pulls the blanket out from under her lifts the bed up the best he can and shoves it underneath. I did it! I made The bed...I am Just like Mommy!

How can I not love that. Its was beyond sweet...He was actually commenting on wanting to be like me. But now its a battle because Everyone knows that a boy only wants to be like mommy until daddy walks into the door.
Evans little walk of starting to decide who and what he will become has started. The reason I say it like this is because the truth is I realized that this is how it works. Its starts from being like daddy or mommy then it turns into being like superman to being a teacher, doctor, fireman. Then it turns into something more amazing, college. Then he is gone. I dont want to forget this moment because it will seem like today when he leaves home and turns into the Man he is supposed to be. The only thing I hope for is the infulence My husband and I give to him will follow with him...With a few exceptions...:)

Dreaming is one thing but Faith is another. I live life in faith and the dreams become Reality.

God bless.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Its interseting how I sat here and withing two hours came up with hundreds of ideas all starting with one, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mug, soda cans. Recycled broken mirrors. Reused old clothing. Wow the hundreds of thing I can do. I just made some awesome charms from mirrors and pieces of soda cans. I am making a cuff from root beer can, I also made a charm necklace. Its loads of fun taking something that to everyone would seem like trash and make it beautiful.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I got so inspired today, I was out working with my husband and Couldnt believe the thing people throw away. I went to the landfill to dump some stuff and I was in awe how much stuff was pile up so frickin' high. It was terrible. So I am gonna make a line of recycled Jewelry and I am gonna go green. I already was a reuse dont throw away everything type of girl but this makes me really want to do something. The first necklace I am gonna do I already have drawn out. Its gonna use pop cans. Im actually really excited about it.
Anyways anyone out there willing to be a reuse renew type of person get ready for some fashion Jewelry out of your mind.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day

It was a pretty awesome moment yesterday, yes the day before fathers day. Evan didnt want to wait to give Daddy the gift for fathers day he made. He ran up to the present hiding place grabbed it and before daddy could tell him no he pulled his gift out and gave it to him. It was so fast funny and cute how important it was to Evan that daddy got his present. Miss Emma then thought she had to give hers too. Well early fathers day but o well.
Now this morning the kids took in Fathers day cards to daddy. Evan tried to help open the cards for him beacuse he was pretty impatient about waiting for him to fully wake up and open them. The cutest thing was Emma cant say happy yet. So all she kept saying over and over was Daddy Day Daddy Day. It was so sweet. Evan grabbed out of the stack of cards this one is from ME, This is from Mema, This is from Bella and this is from you Wife. LOL O my goodness not from mommy but from your wife. How cute is that. Emma colored all over her card.

Other things for fathers day that happened is: We made cheese cake, mmmm...grahm crackers flying across the room from Evan crushing them to make the crust. Emma got creamchees all over her face even in her Eye lashes. Smells so good though. Enchiladas, Boiling chicken on now over flowing forgot to turn down the heat on the stove. Whoops. Bella sleeping away and wait we are going bowling. Thats what Daddy wants to do, I thought it alittle strange that he wanted to go bowling but who cares its his day. I thought maybe sleep sounded like a good idea or maybe even fishing. O well whatever lets just make the man happy it is afterall the man that gave me my beautiful blessings.
So far it has been great.

Free Pattern: Father's Day Tie

This pattern is peyote stitch. Really easy and cute. Simple but fun. I think you can use it for earrings regardless if its fathers day or make a few and sew them into a chain for a cute bookmark or chain. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

So I got a website.

Yep, I did it. I talked myself into it and got me a website. I got a paypal set up and soon I will puting up a way to contact if someone wants a one of a kind design. (request) Its all falling into place. Hell yes, It is totally scary but I am willing to have faith that I should do this. Its maybe alot of work but I enjoy it. Its better than worring about everything in the world and it gives me something to do rather than just watch a movie or two all day long.
Anyways I am proud to say that is up for business. Exciting how I am selling my art work and other art work to the world.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Man it is so hard deciding wether or not to have a website. I decided yes but it is more hard almost scary just to go for it. I keep on trying to talk myself out of it but I know it is totally worth it. Maybe I will just do it and get my name out there. I know have a place for orders and and the contests I hold and then I can start selling. I think I will wait and put in all the pros and cons and see where it goes from there. Plus I think I need alittle support from my husband.
I think to own a bussiness you need alittle gumption and just go for it even if your scared go out there. The only way not to fail is not to try, and the only way to succeed is to try. So if I dont try I wont get anywhere but where I am and if I do try I have a 50/50 chance. What are the odds I will fail compeletly, 1 to none. Odds of succeeding 50/100. I think I have betta chances to getting farther than not trying at all. So Lets say I do it. And stop being scared. I am not afraid of failing. God gave me gifts in life and I will go for it even if I am afraid. God fears to you know he made us in his likeness. Every emotion he has he gave us. I will go forward with it and not be scared well maybe alittle. But I will not give up for god gave me strength and everything I do I will do through him you gives me strength.

Where is the passion?

Is it weird that people dont have passion at times for the art they create?
It may but sometimes I am sapping with motivation. Where does motivation come from? Where will it go? How to bring up your spirits?

There are a few things I do to get the creative juices flowing: I love to search and look at other peoples work. It makes my mind turn with how I can make something in that sort of a way or better or use alittle bit of what they did and make it my own...I dont steal from others there designs but I do love there passion and use it to bring back my own.
There also the time when you feel you cant do anything at all, everything sucks. This is a point of time that I set my project aside and just do something else. There are times when you need a break from what you love. Beading and sewing may be a couple of my passions but when you do it everyday non stop and got pressure from an order or for a gift or something it kinda drains you. I do believe in family outings and I believe in reading. When you go out and do something fun it eases you from all that non stop fun of work. Reading all calms you and it helps with relazation at the sometimes a good book will give you inspiration or take your mind into imagination. That imagination is how beadwork came around and how you can get yourself to fall into the beauty of it again.

Times it seems that you cannot do it anymore but its not true. Take a break go for a walk, drink your favorite coffee. Play a game watch a really good fanasty romance movie or even read a book. These are things to calm sooth and inspire. From the colors in the fall, to the sunny warmth in the summer. Use the seasons to do something that relaxes and could, most likely will, bring inspiration.

The last idea or tip I have is invite a few friends over and do a little craft thing. Make each friend bring there own craft project. Tell them that they need to email the materials so that way you have a good supply. Then you all get together and do all the crafts. It puts you somewhere else and is alot of fun. I know that sometimes inspiration can come from trying something new. Your friends can help put you there.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Christmas ornmanet

Ok this is one of the coolest ornaments craft project that I came up with.
  • Plastic 2 liter bottle, cleaned wrapper taken off
  • Sharp sissors or blade
  • Marker
  • Paint
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Jewels, beads, buttons, glitter,
  • Glue
  • sand paper
  1. Step one draw a mask on the coke bottle. Cut out the mask. After cut out sand around the cut edge.
  2. Hole punch on both sides of the mask
  3. paint as desired, add jewels beads and glitter adornments onto it. You can even add feathers if you want. Allow time to dry.
  4. Pull ribbon through holes and tie.
  5. Now all you gotta do is hang on your tree!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Its crazy how fast your children where you out. Having two toddlers and a baby is more than wear and tare. Get this though I am still able to bead, do a contest, sew, make dinner, clean, wash, bathe, change, eat, read a book (at night), time out, tweet, check facebook, update facebook, check email, and blog. I dont know how but there are super moms out there that can do o so much more. Its amazing!

Art in clothing

 First thing in fashion is to be wearable, wantable, sellable. There is alot of work in Fashion but the first thing starts from a sketch. In this little blog I will be explaining to you about art in fashion not on fashion. When you desgin something, make it to where you put your fashion in art. Take this image in veiw, I put the fashion in the art rather the art into the fashion. Its easier to design something when it is for the art. Adding something to art is not as tricky as making it into art. Some people can look at something and see the art others struggle. This is  the best step to a complete and beautiful design. Spen a great amount of time int the body and porpotions (pencil). When you draw out the body correctly then you get a greater chance of not hating your product when you draw the clothes on it. Porportions are off then the design is off. Then next thing is to add shading and put in some flaws nothing is perfect some wrinkles add to the lifeness of it and add demention. Make it beautiful with those flaws! Next instead of grey and white add some color even just alittle bit of ink can make a diffrence. Just a tiny bit here and there can add to beauty. Last is hold it away from you, give yourself space to see it, if you like it then it is complete. The design is ready for the action of of creating. Creating the design will take some work but all you need is some good measurements and another paper to figure where are you going to choose your seams will be. I discovered when first creating fashion was to look at how other where made finding all the seams and all folds. It helped alot. Writing down your own steps. Remember trial and error always occours.