Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Art in clothing

 First thing in fashion is to be wearable, wantable, sellable. There is alot of work in Fashion but the first thing starts from a sketch. In this little blog I will be explaining to you about art in fashion not on fashion. When you desgin something, make it to where you put your fashion in art. Take this image in veiw, I put the fashion in the art rather the art into the fashion. Its easier to design something when it is for the art. Adding something to art is not as tricky as making it into art. Some people can look at something and see the art others struggle. This is  the best step to a complete and beautiful design. Spen a great amount of time int the body and porpotions (pencil). When you draw out the body correctly then you get a greater chance of not hating your product when you draw the clothes on it. Porportions are off then the design is off. Then next thing is to add shading and put in some flaws nothing is perfect some wrinkles add to the lifeness of it and add demention. Make it beautiful with those flaws! Next instead of grey and white add some color even just alittle bit of ink can make a diffrence. Just a tiny bit here and there can add to beauty. Last is hold it away from you, give yourself space to see it, if you like it then it is complete. The design is ready for the action of of creating. Creating the design will take some work but all you need is some good measurements and another paper to figure where are you going to choose your seams will be. I discovered when first creating fashion was to look at how other where made finding all the seams and all folds. It helped alot. Writing down your own steps. Remember trial and error always occours.

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