Friday, June 17, 2011

Where is the passion?

Is it weird that people dont have passion at times for the art they create?
It may but sometimes I am sapping with motivation. Where does motivation come from? Where will it go? How to bring up your spirits?

There are a few things I do to get the creative juices flowing: I love to search and look at other peoples work. It makes my mind turn with how I can make something in that sort of a way or better or use alittle bit of what they did and make it my own...I dont steal from others there designs but I do love there passion and use it to bring back my own.
There also the time when you feel you cant do anything at all, everything sucks. This is a point of time that I set my project aside and just do something else. There are times when you need a break from what you love. Beading and sewing may be a couple of my passions but when you do it everyday non stop and got pressure from an order or for a gift or something it kinda drains you. I do believe in family outings and I believe in reading. When you go out and do something fun it eases you from all that non stop fun of work. Reading all calms you and it helps with relazation at the sometimes a good book will give you inspiration or take your mind into imagination. That imagination is how beadwork came around and how you can get yourself to fall into the beauty of it again.

Times it seems that you cannot do it anymore but its not true. Take a break go for a walk, drink your favorite coffee. Play a game watch a really good fanasty romance movie or even read a book. These are things to calm sooth and inspire. From the colors in the fall, to the sunny warmth in the summer. Use the seasons to do something that relaxes and could, most likely will, bring inspiration.

The last idea or tip I have is invite a few friends over and do a little craft thing. Make each friend bring there own craft project. Tell them that they need to email the materials so that way you have a good supply. Then you all get together and do all the crafts. It puts you somewhere else and is alot of fun. I know that sometimes inspiration can come from trying something new. Your friends can help put you there.

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