Friday, June 17, 2011


Man it is so hard deciding wether or not to have a website. I decided yes but it is more hard almost scary just to go for it. I keep on trying to talk myself out of it but I know it is totally worth it. Maybe I will just do it and get my name out there. I know have a place for orders and and the contests I hold and then I can start selling. I think I will wait and put in all the pros and cons and see where it goes from there. Plus I think I need alittle support from my husband.
I think to own a bussiness you need alittle gumption and just go for it even if your scared go out there. The only way not to fail is not to try, and the only way to succeed is to try. So if I dont try I wont get anywhere but where I am and if I do try I have a 50/50 chance. What are the odds I will fail compeletly, 1 to none. Odds of succeeding 50/100. I think I have betta chances to getting farther than not trying at all. So Lets say I do it. And stop being scared. I am not afraid of failing. God gave me gifts in life and I will go for it even if I am afraid. God fears to you know he made us in his likeness. Every emotion he has he gave us. I will go forward with it and not be scared well maybe alittle. But I will not give up for god gave me strength and everything I do I will do through him you gives me strength.

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