Monday, June 27, 2011

The day has come to...

It is finally time for me to tell you all about this little boy named Evan. He is blonde and cute. A little devil, with that smile growing from one ear to the other. He flashes his eyes and you melt. Its a wonder why he is so spoiled for alittle boy? Not really....
Anyways this little boy is on a journey right now, He is trying already to find a place in the world. How do I know? Well, Everyone has to find his or her place, they have to take the walk of faith to find what they are looking for what they want to be. Its not something amazing its just normal life. The pathes he chooses will lead him through this journey. I am going to document the last few minutes of a long hard journey he just took.
Woke up, ate pancake, put on his own clothes (backwards), wanted his face cleaned, Helped Emma (his little sister) make her bed. This is where it started....
Emma, get off the bed. Awe its broken Emma get off the bed, Its broken...AAAAHHHH.
Mom she wont get off the bed. Mommy, Mommy MOMMY. Its broken.

This is what I heard for four minutes straight. Going from Emma its broken let me fix the bed and Mommy Emma wont let me fix the bed. Will all seriousness I just had to try and keep him calm his sister is only 1 1/2 years old its not like she really understands. Its a game you see and Evan is the one who is loosing bad. Anyways, This what happened next....

EMMA.....!!!!! He pulls the blanket out from under her lifts the bed up the best he can and shoves it underneath. I did it! I made The bed...I am Just like Mommy!

How can I not love that. Its was beyond sweet...He was actually commenting on wanting to be like me. But now its a battle because Everyone knows that a boy only wants to be like mommy until daddy walks into the door.
Evans little walk of starting to decide who and what he will become has started. The reason I say it like this is because the truth is I realized that this is how it works. Its starts from being like daddy or mommy then it turns into being like superman to being a teacher, doctor, fireman. Then it turns into something more amazing, college. Then he is gone. I dont want to forget this moment because it will seem like today when he leaves home and turns into the Man he is supposed to be. The only thing I hope for is the infulence My husband and I give to him will follow with him...With a few exceptions...:)

Dreaming is one thing but Faith is another. I live life in faith and the dreams become Reality.

God bless.

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