Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day

It was a pretty awesome moment yesterday, yes the day before fathers day. Evan didnt want to wait to give Daddy the gift for fathers day he made. He ran up to the present hiding place grabbed it and before daddy could tell him no he pulled his gift out and gave it to him. It was so fast funny and cute how important it was to Evan that daddy got his present. Miss Emma then thought she had to give hers too. Well early fathers day but o well.
Now this morning the kids took in Fathers day cards to daddy. Evan tried to help open the cards for him beacuse he was pretty impatient about waiting for him to fully wake up and open them. The cutest thing was Emma cant say happy yet. So all she kept saying over and over was Daddy Day Daddy Day. It was so sweet. Evan grabbed out of the stack of cards this one is from ME, This is from Mema, This is from Bella and this is from you Wife. LOL O my goodness not from mommy but from your wife. How cute is that. Emma colored all over her card.

Other things for fathers day that happened is: We made cheese cake, mmmm...grahm crackers flying across the room from Evan crushing them to make the crust. Emma got creamchees all over her face even in her Eye lashes. Smells so good though. Enchiladas, Boiling chicken on now over flowing forgot to turn down the heat on the stove. Whoops. Bella sleeping away and wait we are going bowling. Thats what Daddy wants to do, I thought it alittle strange that he wanted to go bowling but who cares its his day. I thought maybe sleep sounded like a good idea or maybe even fishing. O well whatever lets just make the man happy it is afterall the man that gave me my beautiful blessings.
So far it has been great.

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