Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Giveaways

Here are some giveaways on recent blogs that are for the 4th...Or around or about 4th of July. Not all Items are about forth of July but all are focused at that point of time. Have fun and happy Forth!!!

  1. Geeky Bloggers Book Blog: Book Giveaway
  2. A Helicopter Mom: $350 Paypal Cash Giveaway
  3. A Frugal Life: Green Tea Weight Loss Supplement
  4. Two Savvy Sisters: Skull Candy earphones 2 winners
  5. Parent Palace: $50 Paypal Cash
  6. One Busy Momma: $145.00 Diamond Heart shape 24 Kt gold Pendant
  7. Sweep Tight: Bottle Cap Necklace
  8. Ginger Snaps Crafts: Shrinky Dink Monster Lab
  9. The Mom Reviews: Kids Kraft Picnic
  10. Super Savin' Momma: Sea Band Giveaway
All End On the 4th Of July 2011
Good Luck and have fun...Beware of little kids with lit sparkerlers....LOL (chuckles^.^)

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