Friday, July 1, 2011

Giveaways Top Ten Midnight List:

So these top ten do not mean they are the best giveaways out there...They just are the top ten I chose for the late night midnight peeps out there that have nothing to do. Anyways on to the giveaway links...

  1. Makobiscribe has a great blog hop giveaway going on right now.... (7/15)
  2. Moms Review 4 You: Ecomom - Bon Ami Review & Giveaway (7/8)
  3. Giveaways for Moms: Review & Giveaway: Monkey Brains hair care products (7/10)
  4. Ice Fairy Treasure Chest: $300.00 Gift card giveaway (7/5) Must see its for a good cause!!!
  5. Mommy Katie: $25.00 Walmart Giftcard (7/22)
  6. Flip Out Momma: Carseat Giveaway (7/10)
  7. Fun $aving Money: $25.00 itunes  (7/5)
  8. A bunch of blogs pitchin in together are giving away $400.00 via paypal and runner up $100.00
  9. Moms $300.00 Package for mom and kids (7/8)
  10. Luxery Living Frugal Style: $100.00 Visa Gift card (7/11)
Dont forget to enter my facbook giveaway and the one on my blog. Have fun and good luck and its time to sleep so do it in the morning :P LOL LOL LOL.....Anyways have a good night!

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