Friday, July 1, 2011


Its hot
Its Cold
Its Wet
Its Sunny
Its Crappy Weather
Its Beautiful Weather.

Why is it that Weather is one thing that we never stop discussing? Its strange how important it is to us and yet it is. One, you get nutrition (Vitamen D) From the sun. Two, your mood sometimes works with how the weather is playing, then also people all have diffrent reactions to the the seasons and weather. Three, You can blame it on the weather when almost any thing goes wrong.

It is sometimes iritating when the first thing that comes up in a letter or during a long forgotten phone call is Hey, hows the weather. Yet, to people thats how there life is revolved around, thats what they think about all the time. If its couldy out, it will be a terrible day. If it is sunny out, it will be a good day. What make a day good? Is it the weather or is it the lack of understanding its nature and she doesnt make you happy sad angry....No those are your feelings.

HAHAHA!!! I love writing about something Random and you cannot tell me this is not Random

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