Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am starting a Review line!

I am starting a review line with giveaways all the way through. This review line will be all about crafting, scrapbooking, beads, jewelry, crochet, knitting...Etc.
It Will be great fun each store or new product...Each website or new design will be put to the test and a Review will be called, with that a giveaway will be put to order. The only thing I ask is that you follow along and see what new stuff there is to do out there. Why sit around and do nothing when you can make something FAB!!!
First up on the Blog will Be from the Fire Mountain Gems Website. I plan on Writing a Review From the moment I enter the website to the purchase to the time it took to arrive and then to he project part. If it is something I created with it or if it was something I followed insturctions. Who doesnt like knowing before they buy something it worth it.
My rating for the store will be shown buttons. If the store/ Item was worth it it will get a Ten button award if it sucked totally it will get a 1 button score. If the item/store gets a 4 button review or higher I will giveaway a second of the Item/GC for the store. If I didnt give the store a good mark the second prize will sit in wait for the New Year special....
The New Year Special will be entirly filled with a ton of stuff. Everything that did not pass the Button Review and stuff that I threw in that there was extra. It will be a box of Beyond Joy! One winner but the prize could range form $100 to $500 worth of crafting fun!
If you are intrested in wanting to know when my Review begin and Giveaways end then Follow on twitter: No_Fret_Bead Sign up for my RSS, and follow my Blog. Its that easy to know when something knew in fun will be here waiting for your taking.
Last but not least do not be afraid to Request a Review done of a store you know or a product you would like tested and reviewed on, it is important to help those who want something not waste their money rather listening to a fake tv ad. Do not be afraid to have your own store looked upon. The deal though is that it has to be A Crafting, Hobbie type thing. That is all I will do because thats what I love. Do what you are good at right? (Cooking is ok too)

Anyways, Lets have some fun with this and Join me and my mini team (Evan, Emma, Bella, and Rose my kids) as we do some arts and fun with the family.

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