Thursday, July 14, 2011 Review and Giveaway

It is Very interesting this site. I love that everything is a Dollar. They do have some problems though. Bad notice on when they are out of stock with something. I didnt even know they didnt have the green seed beads I asked for until they shipped me the product if I knew right away I would have picked out something else to replace the item I wanted. The shipping is great if you are buying more than one item. It is flat rate for everything so one price and thats it. Make sure you buy everything you want at once or you are going to pay 5.50 again for one item to be shipped. Basically you will be purchasing a box with a bead in it. Not worth it.
The biggest problem I had was trying to remeber which product was which. I think that they need to write on the package of beads what is what or an item number or something. It was difficult because I bought beads for two diffrent projects and had to try and divid the colors among eachother, some colors are so close alike that it took me awhile to figure out which color went with which project.
All in all, the store is pretty good. Great Great prices, and it arrived earlier than I expected.
The best thing was the mistake of not having something in stock they gave me some free glass beads with my purchase. I actualy love the beads but do not know what I am going to make with them because its not really a color I use often. They are very pretty though.
The strands of beads are much bigger than I thought and they tossed in extras in the box like loose beads that matched.

All in all I will give this store a button review of:

( : )  ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) ( : ) 6/10

Yes a 6 out of ten buttons. It had some downfalls but I think that will change really fast.

I would recommend this Site/store to other people. The fact that they have tons of Beads and Findings for a great price is awesome, I mean its not easy to find Beads for a Dollar or less!

Here's the Giveaway....

There are three diffrent color seed beads, some teardrops, a red focal drop bead, pair of earring hooks.

I got alittle random stuff from them and the black tear drops would be the extras the threw into the box that matched the strand. Anyways hope you like and have fun beading!


  1. Not a normal giveaway I would enter, but I followed, liked & tweeted you anyway!

    -Angel -

  2. I have had a few problems with them and I don't know I have heard others talk about their 'supposed' fast shipping, but I never received fast shipping from them in none of my orders. I will stick with the Big Companies that do things right. And as I been told I am not the only one with complaints about A BIG BOO from me!