Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free Halloween Pattern

        Once again it is time for the Free pattern for this week....
This week is a cuff. I actually enjoy this one alot not only making the pattern but I have beaded this once. A friend of mine wanted a Halloween cute but simple. So I made this up and absolutly love it.
Anyways here is the patterns...Yes you heard me patterns...I made one in a peyote and one in a loom fashion. The peyote I believe use less beads in colors than the loom style. O well its up to you which one you would want to make. :)
Have fun beading!!

If the patterns to appear to good please email me at I will send you a full size of the pattern and you can go from there. I don't want anyone to miss out on the spirit of Halloween...Dont forget to visit Tales From the Nursery to sign up or to get more info about the upcoming Trick or Treat Blog Hop...Its gonna be bundles of fun!!!!
Anyways happy beading!

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