Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aftershock-Forth of July

It was a crazy day, from the very moment I woke up to the time I finally fell asleep.
The kids enjoyed it all though. Emma Evan and Bella all went on a ride through patriotic pride. The morning started out with alittle shopping fun. We went to see the farmers market, some booths. Then went to Thunderbird (Big 'ol shopping mart) and got some junk food for fireworks that night. Wasn't really into buying cotton candy, that stuff is evil to toddlers...LOL
They picked out some dried fruit, crackers and animal cookies. Gotta love animal cookies!
Emma all day was adorn in Red, White, and Blue colors. Its funny because I let her pick out her clothes and all of them fit the theme of the day. Shes got it in the bag and shes only 1 1/2. Crazy how they know how things work without even telling them. We came back home and they took a nice nap while I cooked an awesome dinner, well more like lunner. It was great, BBQ bonnless ribs that melted and fell apart, with homemade potato salad; fresh cut water melon too.
When the kids woke up it was more than hunger that hit them. They got all excited, almost time for fireworks.

The parade was the next hit, No offense to my little twon I live in but it always sucks every year it is sadder than the last. So short so small. There is nothing exciting about it. My kids only like the fire trucks. What sucks even more is that useally they have the Army Buzz through main st with the jets. Not this year though. My kids where so looking forward to it and they blew it off this year. What a Jip!
Anyways they did get flags and they where more than happy to sho them off to me as they waved them by to Miss Oregon, Police officers and the small town marching band.
 All in all though they did enjoy it though. Its nice that kids can love something even when you think it was pretty sad.

After the parade we cam home and did the Snap its. Believe me I walk outside and every footsetp there is alittle pop. Half the snap its didnt get used but they didnt care. Evan and Emma just went at it my porch covered with little white paper. It might be a real mess but you dont need big fireworks to keep a kid entertained. Emma was more cute than not she did these underhand throws that made them go flying everywhere.
After that we left at 8:00 to go to the fireworks show at Vetrans park. We strolled down to the booths and I was shock to hear me 3 year old tell me he didnt want icecream. I mean it was over 90 degrees and he didnt want icecream! There was alot of people but that didnt bother the kids with there glowsticks at hand. Evan kept telling me that the (glowstick) green bracelet scared away the monsters, how sweet is that?
We strolled back to our car and sat on it to watch the fireworks. All of them were in ooo's and ahhh's over it. This year was the first that Emma really got to see them. Evan however second year but he was beyond, into another world, into it. While useing there glow wands, they pointed out the pretty colors and noise that was taking them into a dream land. Even Bella (my 7 month baby) went into it.

After that we came home and got into our own firework show. Evan almost made it all the way through, his sister not at all. Emma passes out on the way home. It was more than fun. My husband and I had to take care of the last of the fireworks on our own after Evan fell asleep. All of the kids were done it was more than a long day for them.
Other cool things from the forth: Glow masks:

Ha Ha Ha...Dont laugh. They enjoyed dressing up When it wasnt Halloween!

The aftershocks of the 4th are still ringing in my ears but the patriotism is stronger. I am proud to be one celebrating this holiday. Love for my country and to the people who are serving it.

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