Thursday, July 7, 2011

Halloween Blog Hop- Free gift!

So I plan on Making a Mask and I am choosing the colors. I am still in a limbo on what I am going to do. I think Pink and silver for a princess type of mask, or I want to do a red and gold for a drangon like mask. I am in love with both maybe I will just do both. I love the idea of making a mask to give to some special person for one of my favorite holidays. If I make two then the special winner can choose one of the two.
I got the designs all drawn out and ready to go so maybe I will just purchase the colors and do it.
I think that the dragon one will be the best but who knows, Its not what I like that sells or that someone wants its what the people want that makes my bussiness successful. Thanks to Tales from the Nursery for the fun of letting me put myself out there. I want everyone to enjoy halloween regardless if they win or not.
So as a bouns every week until Halloween I will be putting a free halloween beadwork pattern on my blog. Please follow me though is my only request on GFC and share on twitter...if you have one. If you want something special for a halloween pattern please fill out this form. This would be my website.
Todays free pattern is:

This is a loom or off the loom type of pattern. I Call it a square stitch because I do it one bead at a time. You got here 4 colors
Its a simple pattern after the first pumpkin you just keep reapeating soon it is stuck in your head. Its great for a choker, bracelet and you can do just the pumpkin and come out with cute earrings.
Have fun and come back next week for the next free pattern and more info about the blog hop!

If you want to sign up or get more information about the Halloween Blog Hop then go here.

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